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April 9th, 2019

Draggable windows in Sketch (again)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As many of you noticed, there was a sudden inability to drag the Stark windows around in Sketch a few months back with our 2.0 UI overhaul. It was an unintended, but also non-bug behavior.

It impacted those of us who wanted to simply move it out of the way. For others who have dual monitors, the plugin would only and always show on your primary monitor despite wherever you have your sketch window. Weird, we know.

Today that’s fixed! With this latest update of Stark 2.5 you have the ability to drag your window around again! We’re so so happy with this as it was a burden to everyone—including us. Thanks so much to everyone who shared concerns and pain points with us. We're right there with you.

Now: Go ahead and move the Stark window(s) around wherever your heart desires <3

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— The Stark crew 🖤