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A Stark
Difference in Design

Introducing Rapid Contrast Checks with Adobe XD's Plugin Panels

Today, our good pals at Adobe launched their Plugins Panel feature, a new surface in the UI that beefs up even more of what’s possible in Adobe XD. In turn, we are thrilled to roll out Rapid Contrast Checking in Stark for plugin panels. Tired of needing to manually ru... read more

Yesss, actually. Stark IS on Figma.

After a month of hunkering down to build, more than 300 direct requests for it, and a long time keeping it a secret, we’re SO PUMPED to finally announce the Stark plugin for Figma! For many of you coming over to Figma from other design tools and have already used St... read more

What made me realize accessible & inclusive design is important

Not long ago I was interviewed about how Stark is helping accessible and inclusive design move forward. Every question was great and thought-provoking, but one really got to me. I was asked what made me realize accessible design is important. What made it click? I mean, it was obvious, wasn’t ... read more

Announcing Stark's paid plans

When we started Stark as a tiny little side project 2 years ago, we could’ve never imagined the incredibly positive feedback we’d get and the thousands of users we’d have. So, today, it is with gratitude that we’re taking the next big leap and are pumped to roll out... read more

The most heart warming feedback we’ve ever received

I’d be lying if I said all of the feedback has been rainbows and butterflies phenomenal since the beginning. But when you’re building a product that truly solves a problem, you’ll quickly realize how many folks will thank you for building it and do so further by using ... read more