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A Stark
Difference in Design

The most heart warming feedback we’ve ever received

I’d be lying if I said all of the feedback has been rainbows and butterflies phenomenal since the beginning. But when you’re building a product that truly solves a problem, you’ll quickly realize how many folks will thank you for building it and do so further by using ... read more

Contrast checking with opacity

A lot of things we work on have us excited, but rolling out the ability to check contrast with opacity had us saying “That’s pretty damn cool.” more than a few times. Especially given the fact that after scouring the internet for products that have this, we found that we’re ... read more

Draggable windows in Sketch (again)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As many of you noticed, there was a sudden inability to drag the Stark windows around in Sketch a few months back with our 2.0 UI overhaul. It was an unintended, but also non-bug behavior. It impacted those of us who wanted to simply move it out of ... read more

Rapid design checks using Stark's keyboard shortcuts

Hooray! Keyboard Shortcuts are here on Stark. One of the first new features we’re rolling out post-UI tweaks and code re-write. And for those of you missing the ability to continually re-check the contrast in Sketch, this increases your experience for the better when it comes to quickly selecting se... read more

Tidying up so the Stark UI sparks joy

With the start of the new year, we wanted to make sure you weren’t going back to the same old UI. We spent the better part of last year nailing down our roadmap, solidifying partnerships and speaking to hundreds of you to get feedback on your needs and overall ex... read more